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Gash is on crack.
Gash is on crack.

Welcome to the general LJ community about the manga Konjiki no Gash!! and the anime Konjiki no Gash Bell!!/Zatch Bell!!

Anything is allowed in this community. Post news, opinions, screencaps, scans, fanart, fanfic, icons ... or wax poetically about Gash's sad (lucky?) lack of fandom. It's all up to you! So post away.


1 If you are posting spoilers, things that might squick other people (sexual nudity, gross violence, etc.), or text and pictures that take up a lot of space, kindly put it behind an lj-cut with appropriate warnings.

This comm is dub friendly, meaning you ought to cut things that discuss the show past its showing on CN. I know a lot of you have watched beyond the dub, but please be nice.

2 Providing or requesting of raws, scanlations, or fansubs is not allowed. This includes linking to sources that provide it, and telling people how to find it. Zatch is a licensed show and comic. Check this post for details.

Otherwise, this community is quite laisser faire and most things are left to the discretion of the members. Thank you.

Relevant links:
Toonami Digital Arsenal
Official English anime site
Official site at Shogakukan (Japanese)
Official site at Toei Animation (Japanese)
Official site at Fuji TV (Japanese)
Gash Kensaku -- an unofficial link collection of Gash fansites (Japanese)

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