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Anybody know of any good friendship fic for Ponygon and Sunbeam? Heck, just good Ponygon gen would be nice. Seems the English fanfic fandom doesn't care much about him. D:

Oh yeah, newbie. Hi, BTW. xD

RP gaiz? : D

Does anyone want to do a Konjiki no Gash Bell RP? My friend and I are thinking of launching one--but we don't want to unless we have enough members. ^ ^;;;

Comment if interested! I will post up the RP thread if we have enough people~

Hey thar dead commu.

Sup peoples. Been a Gash fan for a while but I haven't done anything for it. D= Well, I'm not done with the anime, since they're not done subbing it and same with the manga, so I'm ot allowed to join in everyone's discussions. >.>

I do bring icons though, and this AMV I made yesterday. Noone on my FL appreciate Gash Bell, or even know what it is, so I kinda need to spam my stuff else where.

Konjiki no Gash Bell
[3] Group
[2] Kiyomarou
[1] Suzume
[2] KiyoSuzu
[1] Ted & Gash
[1] Gash & Tio
[1] Tio
(Fake cut. XP)

And that AMV I was talking about.

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here @ tenicons
I'm laughing AT you; not WITH you


You guys knew there had to be one of these for Gash out there, didn't you?

... Also!! sevetenks here, pimping out the i_s_l_a_n_d_rp once again! You might remember me doing so waaaay back, in the RP's early days. Well, now I play Kiyomaro over there, and I am dying for a Gash cast. Or at the very least, a Gash...!! A Gash would be awesome.

What IS the Island RP, you ask? Take a bunch of characters from tons of fandoms, stick them all on a crack filled island. With theme days, people getting ahold of that Moe Note thing, cursed springs, and just the daily lives of the people stranded there; there's a lot of fun to be had!!

What's that, the Titanic? Yeah, the guys from Zombie Loan kinda live there. Those huts on the beach? That little Overlord guy and Suzumiya Haruhi's crew live down there with those keyblade people and a few others! Ah, that explosion? Probably that Gokudera kid... Jeez, there's so many people here... and there's room for more! So come on down!!

Starting with some Fan Art

Hello! My name is Ruby and I'm sort of a newcomer to the Zatch Bell fandom. My first viewings of the show were back when they first aired on Cartoon Network. Like most of my most favorite fandoms, it didn't stick at first. Three months ago, however, I picked up a Japanese manga from the thrift store for .50 cents and became curious about watching the show again. It was the total silliness & first Japanese ending that hooked me totally to the show. See, I'm a lover of oddly mixed couples and seeing Brago and Sherry together was like steel on a magnet. Instant hook! I've finished watching the entire series in less than one month as well as the manga. I couldn't wait to see what would happen in the next episode. 

Well, now that I've talked you ear off, here goes my first fanarts.
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Zatch Bell RP [Need Staff]

I have decided and dedicated myself to making an active Zatch Bell/Gash Bell Forum RP and I need some staff to get things rolling. To be staff you must be knowledgable of the series and know how ZB works. I can provide you with helpful links so you can learn and read more about the series. Please, help me make and unite the wandering ZB Fans out there!

Helpful Links and Information:

As of now I need 4 People to join staff. To help me create the Rules and Complete the Spell Database. - Battle For Mamodo King!

Post here and inform me of your interest or join the site and PM the admin (me).

Staff Positions Filled

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