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Konjiki no Gash Bell Gaiden (Side Story)


Er, hello! It's been forever since I've made a post. But a friend of mine just told me about a new Gash Chapter that just came out! (Well, *somewhat* new since it came out in March, actually. Oh well.) Since I didn't hear anything about it until now, I thought there might be one or two people who may want a heads up too. :)

However, I can't remember if the rules of the community OR the scanlation site allows me to post a link or not (and LJ is being very wonky and not letting me access the community front page ... two days now! What's up, LJ?!) Edit: Okay, so no, community rules do not allow me to post links. Well, I still thank the scanlation team. :)

And yes! New Gash content! Go forth and read! We get to see another glimpse about how Gash and ... others ... are doing after the end of the manga.

It really makes me feel nostalgic. X3. When I have the time, I'll probably read the entire manga again. This sidestory actually gives me the urge to write more fanfic. Gaaah. *sigh*

Let's get a discussion started! What did you think of the newest addition? ;) (Warning: Spoilers beyond this point!)
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