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Here you go mina-san. The story of Gash and Zeon written out in a… - Konjiki no Gash Bell!! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Konjiki no Gash Bell!!

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[Aug. 8th, 2006|11:46 pm]
Konjiki no Gash Bell!!


[Current Location |魔界]

Here you go mina-san. The story of Gash and Zeon written out in a nice handy script. Now with pictures!

[Konjiki no Gash!! Chapter 258 Rough Translation by Kewl0210]
---Page 1---
[Konjiki no Gash!!]
Kiyomaro and Dufoux: Teozakeru!!!
The two spells are shot at the same time, with Gash unconscious and Zeon
holding out his hand grinning

Kiyomaro (inner monologue): Gu... This side is pushing...

Side of the page:
Zeon's Teozakeru is received with Gash's Teozakeru!
When it is over, who will remain.............!?

---Page 2---
Zeon looks scary. There's an explosion between them.
The clash of power and power!

Konjiki no Gash!!
LEVEL258 Gash and Zeon
Raiku Makoto

---Page 3---
Explosion gets bigger, and explodes.
Sunbeam's Group: OOOOOOOOOO!!
Smoke clears.
Folgore: Gu...
Sunbeam: How... did it change...
Megumi: !? There!!
There's just one person standing!!
Zeon/Gash's silhouette is in the distance.

---Page 4---
Zeon stands, slightly bent over.
Folgore: Idiot... Zeon.
Sunbeam: Ga-Gash, where is he?
Zeon looks at his hand.

---Page 5---
Zeon: It is not... such...
Sunbeam or maybe Folgore: Gaaaaaash!!
Megumi or maybe El: Kiyomaro-kuuuuuuun!!

Dufoux: ..............
(Inner monologue): Suprising...

Zeon: Identical spells, but the Teozakeru I used was stronger.
Furthermore, the timing which shot the spells together,
This person's was quick.
You were certainly beaten with that single blow I threw.
Gash pants with his arms across his chest

---Page 6---
Kiyomaro is on the ground, pinning his book to the ground with his chest.
Zeon: You must be good to live, eh?
Gash and Kiyomaro.

Sunbeam: Gash!! Kiyomaro-kun!!

Kiyomaro: You bastard...
The difference in power to Zeon... it's still this much...
Zeon: You called Kiyomaro,
In that speed, you looked at my movement carefully, and abandond the weak
spot of Teozakeru.
A flashback of Zeon's hand while it attacked Gash with Teozakeru us shown.

To indicate that point, that's why your spell was beat at impact, and you

---Page 7---
Zeon: You were surprised and you admired.
You're probably recognizing the power, a little.

Kiyomaro (inner monologue): Kuso,
Look at his composure...
And to last this far...

Kiyomaro: Zeon...
When your first blow was survived,
you promised to tell the connection between Gash and you.
Zeon: Fn... You want to hear it?
Well, you have me talk, Kiyomaro.
Are your maneuvers for when it comes that time to defeat me, polished?
Kiyomaro and Gash: This...
Zeon: Teaching ancient history...

---Page 8---
Zeon: Gash, you and I are twin siblings.

---Page 9---
Zeon: Being born first, I am the older brother.
Gash looks all shocked and such. He's all shaky.
Gash: We're... sib...lings!?
In that case, then why is your main feeling towards me hated...
Zeon: It is simple.
It was expected that I would receive it, our father's strongest spell...
Zeon looks very angry.
Baou was taken by you!

---Page 10---
Kiyomaro: What!!?
Gash: Baou...
You mean Baou Zakeruga!?
Dufoux: Zakeruga!!!
Kiyomaro: Uoo!!
Rashirudo is hit, and it begins to break.

---Page 11---
Kiyomaro: Zaguruzemu!!!
Rashirudo is strengthened further, and gains scaffolding. The cracks
disappear and it flexes, but holds.

Kiyomaro: Somehow it blocked it!!?
Zeon quickly moves to right next to them.
Zeon:Zeon: Strengthening the shield with Zaguruzemu and having bashful spare
Kiyomaro: Gu...
They dash off, Kiyomaro holds on to Gash, but Zeon catches up, and runs
beside them.

---Page 12---
Kiyomaro (Inner monologue): Oi... Without using any technique of physical
strengthening, he was able to overcome Rauzaruku Gash...!??
Zeon hits Gash, who blocks.
Zeon: You, without great effort, you obtained the strength to call Baou!!
Zeon hits Gash upwards with a vertical kick.
After that, you separated from our home.
You go to a distant school in order to play,
And stayed at a house in that area!!!
Zeon hits Gash, who blocks, again.
Also, you took the ability to call Baou from me,
With harsh education and practice, one must bear the power strongly!!!
Cut to a flashback of a younger Zeon being hit to the floor by a man
with a baton, and electricity that Zeon had shot, above him.

Like normal children getting permission for playing, everyday there was
harsh intensive training with an adult warrior.
Yet, I could still be patient!!
Even with the pain from every day, I could realize that my own power becoming
Zeon slaps Gash holding Kiyomaro with his magic cloak.
Yet, by any means, if that patience is for that thing...

---Page 13---
Zeon is very angry.
Zeon: Without the power of Baou, you are a complete dropout,
to participate in the fight to become king of the Demon World!!!
A flashback of Gash in Demon World, there are demon children around him
and one is chasing him with a stick.

You play stupidly in the private school,
The long-awaited inheritance oh Baou you cannot use well as a dropout...
A flashback of Gash standing holding his book, while Tio and Kanchome
next to him are covered by speech bubbles.

Without intensive training, you gained equal right to me who could participate
in the demon battle an finally decide who would become king!!
How can this not be hated!!?
Zeon looks angry and points at Gash.
I had ten times as much suffering as you!!!
Gash looks scared.
Zeon: With the consequence of where you are!!!

---Page 14---
Dufoux: Sorudo Zakeruga!!!
Zeon holds a wand which generates an electric sword. and runs towards

Gash: Kiyomaroooooooooooo!!!
Gash throws Kiyomaro away.
Kiyomaro: Guo!!?

Dufoux (Inner monologue): Letting the partner escape?...
It's good judgment. However...

Gash braces himself.
Gash: Gu...

---Page 15---
Zeon slashes Gash with the Sorudo Zakeruga.
Kiyomaro: Gash, GAAAAAASH!

Megumi: Gash-kun!!
Sunbeam: Gash!

Zeon dispels his sword.

---Page 16---
Zeon looks at Gash on the floor, as the smoke clears. Gash is still in
Rauzaruku form.

Gash: S...or...ry...
With my consequence...
I see your painful viewpoint.
I'm truly sorry.

Megumi: Gash...
Sunbeam: Even with the favor by Rauzaruku, he is able to withstand this

Gash: But, it does not go in the reason where I am defeated...
That how much you hate me mainly...
Gash starts to get up.
Mainly Japan...
In the reason why you would destroy the world.
If I become the Demon King...

---Page 17---
Gash gets up and looks angry.
I'll become a kind king,
The Demon World, if you do not even make a better world now you won't...
The Demon King is decided by battle,
I look at the many pitiful people.
A picture of Tio crying from the battle with Marusu, and Zeruku Koruru
are shown.

Although we would like to fight, there are those who are forced against
their will into the battle.
While people betray nakama, the person who fought, cries.
That's happened twice already, just because that kind of person is not taken
You're unconcerned with bad things, if I don't win.
Zeon: Kind, the cold-hearted do not have a crying heart, we will see who
becomes king.
...Yet, I do not understand others...
Your memory of your time in the Demon World that I took,
I'll probably tell, Gash.
Our father is the current king of the Demon World.
Making those who would like to fight,
and those who were forced against their will to fight,
has become the will of our father.

Now, the frightening truth is told...

Plenty explained, I went out of my way to make sure some of this was
accurate or more understandable, since it's so important to the story. Just
so you know, Goren didn't win the last battle, he just defeated more than
anyone else, like 47 demons I think. Their father is not a kind king, my
guess is Gash will someday need to confront him. Papipurio and Cherish are
still in the room of many doors, so there may be more coming in this arc
besides this battle as the clomax, we'll see.

Here are some clips, or all of, some pages where cool stuff happened.
Ok, got these all up. I wrote in the pages #s so you can tell where they corrospond to the translations.
Page 4
Page 8
Page 11
Page 12
Page 17
Page 18

From: red255
2006-08-09 02:26 pm (UTC)
well, gash Could've actively stolen it, to prevent zeon from mis-using it. (dress up as Zeon and take it)

Or he could've 'stolen' it by some sort of thing his father decided at the last minute... like maybe he wanted Zeon to have a challenge in the momodo world, and Gash to not be completly defense-less so he gave it to Gash even though Zeon worked harder for it/deserved it more.

Or maybe he wanted gash and zeon to work together if they wanted to use Faudo.
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